9 months. 10 frames.

It is difficult to sum up your first pregnancy in a few words. The remarkable changes you go through as a person during that short period of time affect you physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially……………………

Being pregnant for the first time is like being strapped into a roller-coaster. You know at some point the ride will come to an end, but cannot predict at the beginning how you will feel as you hit each bend and loop. Your experience of the journey is unique, and although that roller coaster will be taken on by countless others, none of them will ever replicate your adventure.

The initial elation, excitement and overwhelming pangs of protectiveness towards this being I had never met were quickly blended with anxiety about our future and this mysterious new life that was growing inside me. The physical changes were reassuring and thrilling, but often painful at the same time.

This collage of my first pregnancy represents 9 months in just 10 frames. 

A hidden heartbeat. Endless excitement. Numbing nausea. Flourishing flutters. Consistent cravings. A pullating presence. Mind-blowing movement. Straining skin. Astonishing anticipation……….and limitless love.



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